I, hereby agree to take professional driving instruction, consisting of the entered number of lessons. The school agrees to furnish a dual controlled car for all practical instruction, without additional cost. The fee agreed is the entered value for a course consisting of the entered number of lessons. There is no additional fee charged for picking up a student and returning him to the point of pick-up, with the exception of the last day, because the student may hopefully be taking the driving test.
A lesson consists of 50 minutes, and more than one lesson per appointment may be given.
The use of the school training car for the road test is at the option of the student, and is included in some packages. However, if the acquired package does not include such service, an additional fee may be charged. Regardless of the inclusion of this service, if a student is not ready to take the driving test, the usage of the car will not be authorized to ensure the safety of the students and the vehicles; this dictum falls at the absolute discretion of the instructor.
The student authorizes the instructor to utilize emergency measures to ensure their safety. This might include manipulating the student’s hands or legs in the attempt to regain control of the steering wheel or the brakes; these measures will only be implemented in emergency situations.
This school will not, under any circumstances, refund either completely or partially, the cost of the tuition paid by the student. Instead, it makes itself available to fulfill its part of the contract, by rescheduling or reprogramming the appointments.
If the student requires the cancellation of a scheduled appointment, he must do so with a minimum of 24 hours in advance to avoid the forfeit of the lesson. It is also understood that upon the signing of this contract, all instruction must be completed within 60 days, otherwise, the student must pay a rescheduling fee (35% of the original paid amount).

This agreement constitutes the contract between the school and the student, and no verbal statements will be recognized.